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You won't get anywhere without help!

I have had the opportunity to try out many different software programs and by the time you get used to certain apps, a few new ones will be on the market. I am always curious which apps will be replaced or improved. Without these apps I wouldn't even be able to work on any project!
Below a list of apps that I use for most projects:


This is the collective name for all apps from Adobe. Like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. These apps are the ones I use the most. I pay a flat monthly fee for a subscription so I can use all the different Adobe apps I want.


The app I use every day! I can't imagine how I could finish my projects without this softwareprogram, because no matter what project it is, I always need this app at some point. I mostly use it for editing photos.


Ik heb er even aan moeten wennen, maar dit programma gebruik ik het meeste voor het maken van logo’s en andere (technische) tekeningen, waarbij de contouren altijd scherp moeten blijven en natuurlijk voor print opdrachten.


Also a real must have for me when it comes to video editing. Unlike Premiere, this program allows a bit more editing. From 2D / 3D animation to the use of matte keying (removing backgrounds) are real advantages of this app.


I don't use this program very often. Depending on the project, I would use this if I need specific transitions.


The program for making designs especially for print such as booklets or layouts for PDF files. Also something that I don't use that often.


This is an app that I can use every day! My passion really lies with 3D design / animation and with this I can really do anything. What's also great about it: this 3D app is absolutely FREE to use! This is awesome, especially when you consider what you can do with it.


Another beautiful software program that I like to use for 3D "sculpting" organic shapes. Some objects are difficult to recreate with a standard 3D app and with Zbrush this is much easier. In a creative way you "mold the 3d clay" into a beautiful shape.


I use this app when I have to texture 3d objects. This is the material and its properties of a 3d object. This program is incredibly professional, but also fun to work with! My challenge is to make an object as realistic as possible and textures are a big part of that.


In the beginning I used this program as a texture program, but now I use Substance Painter for this. Now I use Quixel Megascans. This is a library of 3D scanned objects and materials that you can use in any project. This saves a lot of time and the scanned objects are of super quality!


Many 3D programs use special "render engines" to create realistic images. Octane from Otoy is one of them and is connected as a plugin to the Blender 3D program that I also use. With Octane it is possible to create hyper-realistic images / animations in no time.

Fiverr is not a software program, but more a network of freelancers who also have a lot of software experience. If I couldn't figure it out myself for some projects, in terms of technology or time, then I hired someone from Fiverr. This network consists of a varied number of freelancers from multiple countries around the world who are more than happy to offer their services. Ideal for getting those projects that you would otherwise have to say no to. For websites where I needed php (something that would take way too much time for me), I have used Fiverr freelancers a lot. This saves time and therefore money!