Role play


Why only one job?

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, you naturally have to deal with several activities. You will have to do very fun, but also less fun tasks. Being in control as much as possible is a really nice challenge for me! Below you can see a variety of activities I had to do:


3D design / animation is really something that makes my heart go faster. From a concept to visualized as real in an animation on your computer. I can even watch the worst movies and enjoy the special effects created with a simple computer and 3d program. It is also very useful to show how a product is constructed through an animation.


You've got your service or product ready, but who ensures that you can sell it to other customers or companies? Right! The sales manager is someone that every freelancer / entrepreneur needs to get you more work by acguiring more projects. Someone who represents you as a person and your brand and who maintains a good relationship with your existing and new customers.

hullo - rol boekhouder


Of course there are also things you have to do that you don't feel like doing at all. This is also my case when it comes to accounting. I am also very relieved every time when I have submitted my taxes. Luckily I do have an accountant who checks my accounting at the end of the year and can apply useful financial benefits!

hullo - rol marketing expert


Someone who can properly market your services / products. By implementing good (portfolio) websites, social media channels, organizing events or participating in trade fairs, marketing ensures that you get a certain reach in which you can find your customers.


Good looking pictures, seo text, a wordpress website and many plugins that ensure that everything works well together. Sounds easy, but behind the scenes a lot of programming code makes all of this possible. Every code has been written by other people to make such an application work.


The social guy specializes in using social media to create a greater reach and build a fan base for your brand. Social media advertisements also come into play here. It is about finding the right attention with the right target group. With facebook / instagram ads you can reach the ideal target group.

hullo - rol ontwerper


We live in a time of visualization. A time where words alone are no longer enough and there is a demand for images… animated or not. The designer can make anything and ensures that there is structure in the chaos of the characters, lines and colors. He takes the best of all media and creates a beautiful composition of it all.

hullo - rol manager


This is someone who will make sure you meet your deadlines, someone you need for the discipline to carry on and as a manager who will make sure that all the different tasks are done as good as possible. This 'boss' manager is responsible for the end result in the workplace, but is also responsible for a good balance in your personal life.


Someone who ensures that the balance of “The Boss” also translates into a good balance with your work and your own body. Personal choices you have to make for a better living environment and way of life is a must! Exercise enough, eat healthy, keep up with new challenges and try to learn something every day to give your brain some food.


To say that you have to laugh a lot is really not enough! The mental coach ensures that you remain positive and do not give up so easily. If you are stuck into a downward spiral for a while, he / she will give you a helping hand to get out of it again in no time. Sometimes it is easier than other times, but everyone has to deal with this. A mental coach also works well together with the trainer.

Everyone is different

Of course every service or company is different and certain roles may be unnecessary or there may be missing a few, but I had to "play" the above roles myself. Do you want to know more about working as a freelancer exactly means? Then sign up for the free eBook "Start as a freelancer", full of useful tips & tricks, ins & outs and "behind the scenes" details about working as a freelancer. I am still writing this eBook and I am trying to make it as complete as possible.
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