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Start the day right

The day starts when you wake up, but how you wake up is important for how you will experience the rest of the day. Everyone is different and has his / her own rhythm. If I start my day right, I feel much better and I get more things done.

Night's rest

Develop the habit of going to bed earlier to get enough sleep. Very important if you want to get out of bed more easily and fitter.

Getting up

Don't stay in bed too long and don't snooze! Get up right away, take a relaxing shower while you go through your day.


First, start with a glass of water and a varied and healthy breakfast. Of course, a breakfast without too many additives is better.


Break up your day with time blocks, micro-deadlines and write them down. What do you want to achieve today and in which time block do you want to work on something?

Excercise enough

I used to spent at least a few hours every day working in my chair at my desk. A sedentary job (with too little variety and too little movement) is really bad for my back and phisical condition. So I try to exercise more and walk for an hour at least 3 times a week. That way I often get new ideas. Since a few years I also have a sit / stand desk and that's why I stand working much more often. I can certainly recommend this to others!

Listen tips

During my walks I often listen to podcasts on various topics. What I listen most to now are podcasts from Napoleon Hill. This motivational personality has inspired me to get more out of life and to keep improving. They are very fun and energizing podcasts to listen to. Why would you only listen to music if you can also learn something during a walk or long car ride?

One hour a day

Many people don't know where to start. What should I do? How do I get an idea? When do I have time for it? They get stuck thinking that it is too difficult to start on anything else. Too difficult to find the time for their new future. They first wait for an idea (which must miraculously descend on them from heaven) and only then they think they can begin working on it. But being busy thinking about a new plan or product is also a start. You are taking steps to think about it and you are taking action by putting this on paper. Take figuring out your idea / product / service seriously and really take the time for it. Take an hour every day to work it out. For example, everyone can get up an hour earlier or grab an hour before going to sleep. Write down your interests, what you would like to do, how you see your future, and explore more options.

Keep your pen and paper close by so you can get it more often and faster. Force yourself to take this hour for yourself first and then watch that Netflix series. Condition your brain to work on your new future every day and over time it will go more naturally.

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