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For years I have seen various tutorials on the internet to be able to complete a project. If I couldn't figure something out, my first approach was to google it. This is still my approach when I get stuck, because there is an incredible amount of information online that anyone can look up.

Now I want to share my experience myself and I hope that it benefits others. That is the reason why I am writing a FREE downloadable eBook with Tips & Tricks about different software programs that I use, useful tips for making your working methods more efficient, everything you need to arrange if you want to be a freelancer and what obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Of course I want to make the eBook as complete as possible, because becoming and staying a freelancer is hard enough. Everyone can come up with an idea, but a lot of them get stuck and unfortunately do nothing to finish it. They keep dreaming and take no action... A small percentage that has finally taken action, drop out too soon because they lack perseverance. "What if I had tried that one thing?" or “If only I had started earlier!”. Because the latter applies to me. I am happy that I took the step to work as freelancer/entrepeneur, but I certainly could and should have started a few years earlier. Because then I could have done a lot more. Take action now and sign up! Click here

Do you want to know if this Ebook is something for you? Sign up below and you will get a download link as soon as it is ready. You will also occasionally receive useful tips and other news that I share. Unfortionately the Ebook will be written in Dutch first.

Start working as a freelancer
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SECTION 1: Are you ready to work as a freelancer?
SECTION 2: What you need to do
SECTION 3: A good start

Soon available as Ebook and PDF download

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